Vaccine management and distribution planning

There is a new pandemic plight: hospitals, cities, and states are struggling with vaccine distribution. Anaplan can change that.

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From the factory to the frontlines:
Scaling vaccine administration

Anaplan Helpsfrom testing to vaccination

Our Anaplan Helps offering for COVID testing is now augmented by our comprehensive vaccine distribution planning solutions.

  • Logistics and equitable distribution planning based on evolving recipient prioritization guidelines
  • Transparency and accountability in allocating supply to specific geographies
  • Site-level planning for both vaccines and associated consumable
  • Daily and weekly vaccination capacity readouts and alerts by site, rolling from ZIP Codes up to cities, counties, and state level
  • Resource/inventory depletion rate and cost modeling
  • Workforce capacity planning with associated financial reporting

Anaplan vaccine distribution planning features

  • Cold chain logistics: spoilage, storage space and temperature requirements by vaccine type
  • Follow-up dosing: tracking of latest dosing guidelines, with violation flagging
  • Distribution prioritization: planning districts by zip code, recipient types i.e. front- line workers, elderly, minorities
  • Vaccine brand: implementing shelf life and dosage cadence

COVID-19 vaccine distribution planning

For state and local governments, healthcare providers, and other organizations



Vaccine administration consumes many different resources ranging from PPE items like ear loop masks, gloves and gowns to vaccines themselves, needles, bandages and alcohol swabs.

Supply Chain


Everything from physical pallet storage space to shipping methods, all of which need to be temperature controlled.



Staffing up many different types of roles, including ones with strict licensing requirements across geographies, can vary across sites.

Resource Modeling


One of the critical goals we have seen for any entity in charge of administering vaccines will be to plan, track and report on the consumption and depletion of resources.



Make data-driven recommendations to decision makers about all of the above resources and decisions.