Financial Forecasting software

Create and connect business plans and formulas, with financial and operational drivers at scale across your entire enterprise.

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Traditional forecasting methods that rely on legacy planning tools and manual processes often prevent organizations from achieving an agile forecasting approach. These methods can reduce efficiency, cause users to struggle with large volumes of data, and produce unreliable results that undermine business performance.

The Anaplan platform can be used to take lengthy and bewildering arrays of siloed information and sort it into easily adaptable and readily available, real-time views—giving organizations the data transparency and visibility needed to forecast efficiently and make confident business decisions.


Why Anaplan Financial Forecasting software?

Create connected plans fast

Get your forecasting done quicker, more accurately, and with less effort, all in one connected system. Anaplan links financial, sales, and operational plans together for seamless financial forecasting across your enterprise.

Model any scenario, dimension, and time

Easily build and compare scenarios that represent your business considerations: aggressive, conservative, “what-if,” and more. Create unlimited dimension hierarchies and lists, model changes with drag-and-drop, and no code-writing or batch wait-time required. Forecast by any time bucket: day, week, month, and year.


Flexible driver-based forecasts

Forecast with financial and operational drivers that matter. Design models to include nuances of goods, services, subscriptions, licenses, and other business models. Collaborate and answer complicated questions in real time, so you can take immediate action for point-of-impact results.


Key challenges and how Anaplan solves them

  • Common Challenges


    Unproductive FP&A team due to the need for multiple financial forecasting cycles


    Poor and unconfident decision making due to lack of real-time visibility


    Forecasts regularly performing outside of expectations

  • Anaplan Capabilites

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    Automate processes with a cloud-based planning platform to improve forecasting performance

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    Link finance, sales, and operations data together for seamless big-picture financial planning

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    Build and compare scenarios that represent your business plans: aggressive, conservative, “what-if,” and more