Anaplan for Demand Planning

Orchestrate your demand planning strategy with insight; pivot with agility in real time.

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Anaplan Live! 2021 is on-demand now

Anaplan Live! 2021 is on-demand now

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Synchronize signals and outcomes with Connected Planning

Today’s market can shift without warning. Demand planners must be ready to adjust when the moment strikes. Demand planning with Anaplan applies hyperscale computing to anticipate and drive demand. Anaplan’s cloud-based planning platform provides a line of sight to all relevant internal and external factors. Incorporate rich signals into your demand forecast. Steer clear of stock-outs, excess inventory, and wasted capital. Instead of making decisions based on out-of-date, siloed signals, take action at the speed of business. Convert constant change to your advantage.

Demand Planning use cases

With Anaplan, we know how much we will sell and when we can distribute it to sites.

Magnus Tagtstrom, Senior Director of Supply Chain Optimization,Circle K

Orchestrate performance with agility and resilience