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- Sherika Ekpo,首席多样性和包容官


Our values

Anaplan is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging within our workforce across our company. We put our values at the forefront of everything that we do. As we submit our inaugural gender pay gap report in the UK, we remain focused on six key values that are integral to our diverse company culture:

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Anaplan seeks to hire the best people who are additions to our culture. However, as a company within the technology industry, our demographic is similar to other tech companies where males dominate senior positions. We are proud that 50% of our global executive leadership team features women in key positions, such as Chief Development Officer, Chief People Officer, and Chief Strategy Officer. Inclusivity is at the core of Anaplan as we collaborate with technology solutions and partners to help drive our diversity and inclusion strategy.

Background to the Gender Pay Gap

The Gender Pay Gap Regulations came into force by the UK Government in April 2017. All companies operating in the UK with a headcount of at least 250 employees are required to publish their data each year. Anaplan reached this milestone in 2019. However due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the reporting requirement for that year was cancelled and the 2020 data submission deadline was postponed to October 2021. As a result, Anaplan is publishing its first report now.

The gender pay gap is the difference in the hourly pay of all male and female employees in an organisation. This figure can be shown as a mean number (average number) or median number (whereby a figure is taken from the middle value within a range of hourly earnings). This is different from equal pay which is focused on whether men and women are receiving the same salary for the same or equivalent work. While men and women might earn the same for similar work, having more men in senior positions results in a gender pay gap disparity.

Our Results


Our inaugural results show a gender pay gap of 14.3% on hourly rates, and a bonus pay gap of 50.9%. Our gender pay gap is driven by a predominantly male employee population across all of our four quartiles increasing to 82.3% in the upper most quartile; of the ten highest paid employees only two are female. While all job roles are eligible for a bonus, any recent new starters at the time when the data was taken would not have received a bonus payment.

Our results are typical of a company in a state of hyper-growth and a sector with a predominantly male workforce. As we grow, we are laying the foundation for that continued growth within our compensation philosophy, benefit offerings and employee development programmes. We see ourselves at the start of a journey which will develop over time.

Our commitment

Building a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce is a multi-year process that will require consistent examination and analysis. As a planning company, we not only embrace this opportunity to analyse our own data, but we are setting a higher bar for ourselves.


Anaplan has always and will continue to analyse gender pay as we grow. We have identified key stakeholders who will help us to close the gap over time. These stakeholders are integral to the employee lifecycle within Anaplan, and we are committed to prioritising the gender pay gap through initiatives which are part of our overall people strategy.

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Talent Acquisition

Ensure sourcing from a larger talent pool to provide greater options for Anaplan to attract diverse top talent.

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Talent Development


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Inclusion, Equity and Belonging

Review and introduce new programmes and policies that encourage representation and participation of women and diverse groups of people at all levels. We will also conduct a landscape analysis to identify gaps that will help inform our future Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging (IEB) Strategy.

Anaplan’s leadership team is fully committed to the continuous review of the gender pay gap and we hope to see more progress in the coming years.

Our declaration

We confirm that the information and data provided in this report is accurate and in line with mandatory requirements.

Christopher Baker, Managing Director EMEA

Jack Whyte, SVP Applications Engineering